Different hyper connection types and proxy support

In some cases you may need to configure hyper connection types.

Common examples:

  • Need to use a proxy server
  • Have different initialisation for certs/TLS

To do that there is additional initialisation method in SlackClientHyperConnector.

For example for proxy server config it might be used as:

    let proxy = {
        let https_connector = hyper_rustls::HttpsConnectorBuilder::new()

        let proxy_uri = "http://proxy.unfortunate.world.example.net:3128"
        let proxy = Proxy::new(Intercept::Https, proxy_uri);
        ProxyConnector::from_proxy(https_connector, proxy).unwrap()

    let _client = SlackClient::new(

Please note that this configuration available only for Slack Client, and doesn't work for Socket Mode (WS) mode.