Events API and OAuth

The library provides two different ways to work with Slack Events API:

Testing with ngrok

For development/testing purposes you can use ngrok:

ngrok http 8080

and copy the URL it gives for you to the example parameters for SLACK_REDIRECT_HOST.

Example testing with ngrok:

SLACK_CLIENT_ID=<your-client-id> \
SLACK_CLIENT_SECRET=<your-client-secret> \
SLACK_BOT_SCOPE=app_mentions:read,incoming-webhook \
SLACK_REDIRECT_HOST=https://<your-ngrok-url> \
SLACK_SIGNING_SECRET=<your-signing-secret> \
cargo run --example events_api_server --all-features

Slack Signature Verifier

The library provides Slack events signature verifier (SlackEventSignatureVerifier), which is already integrated in the OAuth routes implementation for you, and you don't need to use it directly. All you need is provide your client id and secret configuration to route implementation. Look at the complete example here.

In case you're embedding the library into your own Web/routes-framework, you can use it separately.